Air safety – FAA approves South Africa

After bordering on no-fly status, SA has finally been granted the FAA seal of approval when it comes to security and safety. Now…all right. This is probably just interesting if you’re a serious globetrotter. Just a short note. Here’s the news-item…if you even want to look at it.

Thunder throat no more.

Well, obits aren’t our specialty either, but Don LaFontaine is dead. Rest in peace, one might say, in that heaven reserved for film previews and trailers. And their makers. We liked that guy.

Jane’s, and why it’s useful. Or useless.

Jane’s, for anyone interested in security and intelligence, should be a familiar name. The organization compiles security information and intelligence in many areas, creates white-papers and reports along with their massive guides, catalogues and indexes of just about anything within security, government and military. You might have seen some of their books in your local …