…to new highs. Apple has decided that a new application for the iPhone, designed to lead the way to the nearest marihuana dealer will be approved for sale in their App Store. Inclusion in the app requires, of course, that the dealer is actually authorized to sell the stuff. Using the iPhone’s GPS system, the app will show the user the nearest authorized marihuana dealer based on the phone’s location.

The developers have also taken into account those that “happen” to buy marihuana illegally, with the option to show the location of the nearest lawyer(s) with drug offences as their specialty. Integrated with Google Maps, the most efficient route is easily and conveniently displayed.

The developers of this thing is Ajnag.com, on whose site you can access the same info as the app will have.

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Services and applications for “mobile devices” as they are so poshly called these days are by some so-called experts said to become “bigger than the internet“, whatever that means, and the iPhone is already cutting new paths with services ranging from pizza and porn to taxis, bus schedules and all sorts of other trinkets and treats.

At the same time, Apple blocks apps that are designed to utilize parts of the phone’s capabilities that are either yet to be introduced, or that will be restricted to certain regions of the world. More here.


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