A Look at the Effectiveness of CCTV in Crime Prevention

The propagation of closed-circuit televisions or CCTVs in both commercial and residential spaces has forever changed the field of security system. Through security alarm systems and surveillance camera systems, one can put round the clock surveillance on a specific area, catch any perpetrator and use the recorded video as proof for their crimes.

Homes and establishments are able to secure themselves through wired surveillance cameras and wireless surveillance cameras, allowing people to feel safer in them. These latest developments in the field of home alarm systems, in general have definitely helped people safer. As such, current concerns have shifted to how burglars apprehend the presence of spy cameras or hidden cameras.

But is the prevention of burglary assured through surveillance equipment and home security systems? Do the presence of surveillance cameras and burglar alarm systems really scare off prospective perpetrators?

How Effective Is It?

 The Alarm Industry Research and Educational Foundation (AIREF) conducted studies on the feedback coming from suburban homes who installed home security cameras or home security systems in general. Their study has shown that 94% of home alarm owners were satisfied with the increase in home security, and were thus happy that they decided to install these alarm system equipment. Almost equally, 93% said that they were happy with their security system supplier. In different residential locations, the same sense of satisfaction and security was brought on by the installation of home security systems.

On the commercial and industrial side of things, establishments are also beginning to see the benefits of a good alarm system. The NYPD has noted that nearly half of crime reports were caught on surveillance cameras in banks, subway stations and other commercial and public spaces. Both covert spy cameras and basic surveillance cameras aid the police in not only monitoring several spaces at all times, but also in getting a clear and intelligible snapshot of the perpetrators, often leading to their apprehension.

With the added security brought on by different security systems, houses and establishments, burglars and other crime-committers are beginning to grow weary. With the installation of a number of digital eyes to watch over different spaces, these criminals are now propelled to choose which house or establishment to pursue. And according to the study conducted by the security company ADT, 94% of burglars would avoid a house equipped with alarms. Studies like this are beginning to put prime in the need to strengthen the security of your homes. If burglars are deliberately avoiding houses and establishments that are well-equipped with the proper and effective security system, then they’d surely go for houses that are not as well-equipped and not as secure.


Should we install CCTV Camera Systems in our homes?

861321715_0b6012fd3b_oDefinitely! You don’t want to be that one house in the neighborhood that does not have enough and effective home security system. Being such is equivalent to putting up an open-invitation to all burglars to come and ransack your home. Now that burglars are carefully selecting which homes and houses to pursue, you can do your best to not make your house a viable and obvious choice for them by installing CCTV cameras or alarm systems. Today, this task is not a big job. Alarms systems have variations that are specifically designed to be installed by people in their houses on their own. The DIY nature of these alarm systems allows anyone to full proof their home security.

You shouldn’t be the obvious choice for burglars. Secure your home through alarm systems, CCTVs and surveillance cameras. Be a part of the growing statistic of homes that are secure and safe.

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