going out of business? |

For those not in the know, PINAC is a loose organization, focused on spotlighting that photography isn’t a crime, and harassment from law enforcement and security should not happen based on someone carrying, or using, a camera. Here at SB, … Read More

Car Security – Rear-View Mirror Black Box |

Being in traffic, out on the roads along with other motorists, is probably one of the most dangerous places we can be in the modern world. No matter what we do, there’s always the possibility that someone else makes a … Read More

Fearful Police Officers Are Out To Kill You

… or anyone else, for that matter. Some of our most recent posts and pages have highlighted a growing issue with police officers – mostly in the US, but other countries are seeing some of the same problems, on a … Read More

Boston PD Hacked – Strikes Back against Anon

As it turns out, Boston PD has a sense of humor. – “Normally, I sleep pretty well, but since the site went down, I haven’t slept a wink”, one officer says. – “I miss being able to read the page … Read More

Top 5: Coolest Security Gadgets – 2012

Everybody like cool gadgets. That’s just the way it is. So, with that in mind, we’ve taken the liberty of collecting the top five cool security gadgets that we’ve spotted so far this year (okay, some are from last year…) … Read More

Al Qaeda headed for defeat, says STRATFOR analyst

Extremely interesting essay here on the signal effect of the terrorist organization’s latest video release. The video, which was well-produced and contained a number of graphics and special effects, features historical footage of a number of militant Islamist personalities, including … Read More

Video: NATO Forces vs. Taliban

US troops aren’t the only ones involved in fighting the Taliban. Below is a series of pictures published by Norwegian armed forces, and a video from a helmetcam of close encounter fighting between Taliban and “the good guys”. In the … Read More