Sources: Several countries considering travel warning to US over police violence |

Sources say that several countries are planning to issue travel warnings to its citizens, warning them against travel to and in the USA, due to the extreme amount of police related violence and unrest caused by law enforcement actions. Statistics … Read More

Hotel Security in the US

Cornell University’s “School of Hotel Administration”and their center for hospitality research has an interesting study on safety and security in US hotels. They describe it thusly: An investigation of the physical attributes or features that signal safety and security in … Read More

Up Your Security 6 – Hotel and Motel Security

Here’s something most people don’t think enough about – their own security while staying in a hotelor motel. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll just call it “hotel” security. We tend to think even less about it in hotels than in our … Read More

Belts and the TSA – Why, oh Why?

The TSA (US) has decided that everyone needs to remove their belts when going through airport security checkpoints. As usual, there’s an uproar (and as usual, it’s a small one) among people who think this is an absolute outrage, something … Read More

How to Avoid Customs Delays

Customs, as a few might have noticed, can be a bit of a hassle when those eyes fall upon you, your luggage or your packages in transit. So how can you avoid those three days, five or even fifteen days … Read More