Secrecy is not Security |

One of the most persistant comments we get, and one of the most persistant opinions about security, is that security measures, security means and tech needs to be kept secret for them to be effective. Here on we catch … Read More

Where is Vlad the Dragon, the Impaler Lord?

In light of the horrific and brutal attack on the french newspaper Charlie Hebdo and its journalists, along with two police officers, it’s a harsh, but fair question. Islamic extremists, reprehensible, despiccable and worthless representatives of a seemingly ever growing … Read More

Armed “School Protection Officers” – Pitfalls and Kneejerks

School shootings will hardly disappear from the agenda any time soon, and that’s a good thing. The phenomenon is especially prevalent in the US, where the history of armed attacks on and in schools stretches back to 1764, when 4 … Read More

TSA and their “Layers of Security” – Hype and Secrecy?

For years we’ve been hearing about the TSA and their “Layers of Security”. However, the TSA doesn’t really go into much detail about this concept, except for a 146-word article on their website. So we thought we’d give you the … Read More

The TSA is Scared of Silly Things (12 photos)

The TSA is scared of a lot of things. You knew that. We thought we’d show you a few of the silly things that scared them of late. Why? Because we all need a laugh now and then, and who … Read More

Govt. Sources; Food Vendors Want to Kill You!

Reliable sources* are constantly sending us emails, calling us on the telephone (yes, we have those), passing us notes in anonymous envelopes through the crack at the bottom of our hotel room door and, let’s not forget, letting us know … Read More

Why Your Couch won’t Kill You, but a Terrorist Might

Statistics are fun, aren’t they? Sure they are… lots and lots of numbers’n’stuff, all crammed together and beaten into an unrecognizable pulp, then molded into just about anything you damn well want? What could be more rewarding and enlightening than … Read More

Sam Harris: A Response to “In Defense of Profiling”

In his recent (April 28th 2012) post, Sam Harris defends the process of “profiling” to further security in airports by saying that we should focus on certain religious groups (note: not ethnic groups) that are more likely to be terrorists … Read More

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