Alone: If you only watch 1 TV show this year |

If you’re not one for benching yourself in front of the TV or binging on Netflix, there’s still one show you should definitely set aside a chunk of time for. The History Channel, which isn’t really dealing much in history … Read More

The Biggest, Baddest Security QuadCopters

… and multicopters, incidentally. Using quads and multirotors for security work is fairly new, but seeing that even the commercial hobby versions of these things are becoming more and more advanced, the barrier to use them in even low budget … Read More

How To Survive Undetected in the Woods for 27 Years

To be fair, we don’t really know how it’s done, and it’s really not supposed to be possible. Still, one man did it. Christopher Knight spent 27 years in the woods in Maine, living undetected off things he stole from … Read More

Day by Day Armageddon: Required Reading for any Survivalist

What? A book review? Exactly. Though, not any old book – this series is in a class of their own, and we’ll tell you why it would be required reading if “Survivalism” or “Security 101” ever became official classes. “Day … Read More

Security vs. Survivalism – What’s the Difference?

Any time someone accuses me of being just a little bit extreme in my security focus, I get a little bit offended. I don’t think I’m extreme, after all, and people who really are extreme(ists) never really did anything good … Read More