Police Gun Down 180 Unarmed People – Face No Charges | SnallaBolaget.com

During 2015, which is far from over, sadly, Norwegian police has shot and killed 1 person, who in turn had shot and grievously wounded a police officer first. This is the first person killed by police since 2006. During 2015, … Read More

Norwegian Police Sees Only Shooting in 8 months (actually, longer)

Reports came in this morning that Norwegian police had been involved in a “shootout” with GTA suspects at a gas station in small town Roa, in eastern Norway. The regular Norwegian police has been armed on a full time basis … Read More

Oscar Pistorius shoots, kills girlfriend – supporters call to rally around him

So. “Blade runner” has managed to run into some trouble, since he managed to actually murder his own girlfriend with a 9mm handgun he kept in his apartment. According to the BBC (and others), the athlete may have thought that … Read More

Guard Murders Colleagues for $330,000

Minutes after midnight Friday morning, a team of private security guards pulled up to a dark service road along the north edge of the University of Alberta campus, carrying cash to restock bank machines. It was otherwise a routine stop … Read More

Not Listening To Your Radio Might Get You Shot!

Down, that is. If you’re a pilot – a dumbass pilot. This July saw two Swedish JAS 39 being scrambled against a Norwegian civilian airliner on its way to Arlanda airport near Stockholm, Sweden’s capital. On a flight from Spain … Read More