A Don’t Panic Guide To Survive Any Disaster

In an article by Nick Watt in abcnews.com, Ed Galea, a professor at the Universities of Greenwich, Liverpool and Ulster was quoted as saying it usually takes a maximum of eight minutes for an average person to react to a … Read More

Toronto: Police Hesitant to Respond to Burglar Alarms

From TheStar.com: Police argue false burglary alarm response ties up frontline officers, potentially taking them away from real emergencies and wastes valuable resources. This is an age old discussion between private security and LE: who should respond first to private … Read More

Choosing a Home Security System Provider

While the market might be dominated by a few major home security system providers, there are still thousands of smaller ones out there to choose from. Determining which one will serve you and your home security plan the best isn’t always … Read More

How To Break In Anywhere (where security isn’t working)

If you’ve been following this site for a while, you might have seen our burglar’s guide to being wildly successful – and if you haven’t, then you should take a look. ‘Cause you want to break in somewhere, huh? Anyway, … Read More

Thinking Internally – combating a police force’s feeling of invincibility

Traditionally speaking, security has mainly been in the hands of the military and the police, in whatever form they might exist at the time and place. Public security is still the charge of the police, and the military to some … Read More

US: More Security Officers than Police Officers Killed on Duty

It’s easy to forget, at times, but security officers also die on duty – not just law enforcement and police. It hasn’t really been possible to look those stats up anywhere, until now. The ODMP.org says 126 police officers died … Read More

Best Stocking Stuffers Ever, or Toys’R’Us for Security

If you’re anything like us, you’re not even remotely done with the Christmas shopping. Hell, we’ve decided not to even start until we know if there’s still a world to wake up to tomorrow. Only time will tell, we suppose. … Read More

Monday Motivational: Best Cop Motivs! (15 pics)

Starting a new week is always so exciting, isn’t it? Sure it is. Mondays – we just can’t get enough of them. We wish it was Monday every day, so every day would feel like a fresh, new start after … Read More

Photography & Police – What You Can Do (and what you can’t…)

It seems there’s a never ending stream of pictures, stories and videos appearing both in printed, “mainstream” and online media about the problems photographers get into when dealing with the police and security. We thought we’d take a closer look … Read More

Guard Murders Colleagues for $330,000

Minutes after midnight Friday morning, a team of private security guards pulled up to a dark service road along the north edge of the University of Alberta campus, carrying cash to restock bank machines. It was otherwise a routine stop … Read More

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