Police Issues: Why do Good Officers stand by, and do nothing? | SnallaBolaget.com

You may have heard it before (especially if you’re a Boondock Saints-fan): All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing. Whether it was Burke, Tolstoj or Mill who said it, it’s still one of … Read More

Explaining the Purpose of Guns to Kids

Post image by Geoffrey Fairchild, via Flickr Guns are present in over one-third of households in the United States, as reported in an article on Kids Health. These guns are visible in American households, either through direct or indirect ownership. … Read More

How To Break In Anywhere (where security isn’t working)

If you’ve been following this site for a while, you might have seen our burglar’s guide to being wildly successful – and if you haven’t, then you should take a look. ‘Cause you want to break in somewhere, huh? Anyway, … Read More

Toothpaste Terror – Hype and Hyperbole?

The Olympic Games in Russia has taken up a lot of the world’s attention these last few weeks, and rightly so. If there was ever a perfect terror target where innocent people, high profile dignitaries and media come together in … Read More

Thinking Internally – combating a police force’s feeling of invincibility

Traditionally speaking, security has mainly been in the hands of the military and the police, in whatever form they might exist at the time and place. Public security is still the charge of the police, and the military to some … Read More

Schneier’s Deconstructions Will Never Work – No Matter What He Does

That title sounds a little harsh – we know that. But it serves a purpose none the less – namely using Bruce Schneier’s latest essay title for our own purposes, and we like that. The title isn’t the point, however. … Read More

Gay Bars in Denmark: Discrimination Central

Strictly speaking, this has little to do with security, but it’s just so odd that we have to allow some astonished commentary. After all, it’s Sunday, and Sundays are a little more laid-back than other days. Except in Denmark, where … Read More

Security: The Weekend in Review

In the good old days, the world nearly ground to a halt during the weekend. That’s not so anymore, and that’s why we’ll take a quick look at some interesting things that popped up this past Saturday and Sunday. The … Read More

Hotel Security in the US

Cornell University’s “School of Hotel Administration”and their center for hospitality research has an interesting study on safety and security in US hotels. They describe it thusly: An investigation of the physical attributes or features that signal safety and security in … Read More

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