Norway Secret Police to Consider Keylogging, “Pinpoint” Data Collection |

In a move picked straight out of an Edward Snowden scenario, and the NSA field manual, the Norwegion secret police (“PST”) is considering the development and deployment of methods to “intercept data at such an early stage that it has … Read More

Personal Security, the FBI, and your phone |

In 2014, Edward Snowden blew the lid off much of the US government’s innermost secrets, at least when it comes to the extent at which the various US intelligence agencies are conducting surveillance of both its own and foreign citizens, … Read More

TSA Removes X-Ray Body Scanners – blames manufacturers

So. The well-loved TSA has decided to remove its backscatter x-ray body scanners, citing concerns that the manufacturer(s) haven’t been able to come up with viewing software that makes the person being scanned into a generic little stick figure with … Read More

Photographer vs. Security – an unnecessary divide

The relationship between photographers and security officers or law enforcement officers (LEOs) has been tense for a while. We’ve also written about it on this site before, but even though some time has passed, some anti-terrorism laws and powers have … Read More

“Hands-on” Pat-Downs – There’s Nothing Like Old News, Is There.

The so-called “hands-on pat-downs” that the TSA are introducing (much ado about this, as usual) are old news. Very old news, in fact. Most countries use a standardized version of this technique, though extensive testing has revealed that the hand … Read More