Trump Supporters Support Hitler?

Pretty thought provoking, indeed. Watch to the end, where one genius manages to say that if Trump said these things, he would support them, though not if it was Hitler who said them. Which, of course, probably makes complete sense … Read More

Terrorists – 0, CIA – 1?

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By NBC News Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told reporters Tuesday that terrorists keep trying to come up with “more and more perverse and terrible ways to kill innocent people,” after a plot by al-Qaida’s affiliate in Yemen to … Read More

Wikileaks & the US Government – redaction fail…

It seems that the US government still doesn’t really understand how the internet works. Why? Well, because they’ve now released some of the embassy cables that were leaked by Wikileaks some time ago, but they’ve redacted the contents. It is … Read More

EU Bans X-Ray Body Scanners

We’re reprinting a press release from the European Union, effectively banning x-ray body scanners from airports in Europe. Notice that they are not banning body scanners – millimeter wave scanners and other technology that have no adverse effect on health … Read More

Bulletproof? Forget It. Next In Line: Nuclear Strike-Proof

Wikileaks has made sure its servers are bulletproof. Strike that. They’re now nuclear strike proof, literally. Wikileaks boss Assange is apparently not taking any chances with the wealth of documents that the site is sitting on. Their servers have been … Read More