Pushing Boundries – Safeguarding Yourself on Rights Audits | SnallaBolaget.com

The dawn of the internet and personal phones and equipment with cameras in them, and perhaps especially action cameras like the GoPro¬†has given rise to a perhaps pretty uniquely American phenomenon; Rights Auditors. In short, these are people who test … Read More

PhotographyIsNotACrime.com going out of business? | SnallaBolaget.com

For those not in the know, PINAC is a loose organization, focused on spotlighting that photography isn’t a crime, and harassment from law enforcement and security should not happen based on someone carrying, or using, a camera. Here at SB, … Read More

Photography & Police – What You Can Do (and what you can’t…)

It seems there’s a never ending stream of pictures, stories and videos appearing both in printed, “mainstream” and online media about the problems photographers get into when dealing with the police and security. We thought we’d take a closer look … Read More

Google Streetview and the Persisting Problem of Ignorance

Whenever something gets popular enough, or widespread enough, someone, somewhere will see it as a threat. Google streetview has gone through its share of troubles, merely because it exist, and it is sure to meet with a lot more obstacles … Read More

Photo, film and the security divide

I’ve been looking around the net, and there’s any number of accounts from photographers who feel hassled, harrassed, bullied, battered, wronged, insulted and generally shittily treated (sorry about that adverb) by police, security, army, navy, proprietors of select stores, owners … Read More