Police Issues: Canadian girl (17) arrested, handcuffed, raped in police car – officer aquitted

In a series of posts and pages, we’re going to be looking at some of the troubles that police forces around the world is facing, emphasizing the US. First off, however, is a news report that surfaced today. A woman … Read More

Armed “School Protection Officers” – Pitfalls and Kneejerks

School shootings will hardly disappear from the agenda any time soon, and that’s a good thing. The phenomenon is especially prevalent in the US, where the history of armed attacks on and in schools stretches back to 1764, when 4 … Read More

Arm Your Army: How to (illegally) buy guns, and…

…why it’s probably a very, very bad idea. So you’ve got your 50 or so guys together, and you’re all going down to some third world country, overthrow the government and take over their diamond mines or whatnot they’ve got … Read More

Monday Motivational: Best Cop Motivs! (15 pics)

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“Liars and Outliers” – a brief review… sort of.

We’re constantly behind on things these days. Sorry. A week or so ago, we said that we had gotten our hands on the newest book from our nemesis, Bruce Schneier. It’s called “Liars and Outliers“, and no, we didn’t pay … Read More

How to Avoid Customs Delays

Customs, as a few might have noticed, can be a bit of a hassle when those eyes fall upon you, your luggage or your packages in transit. So how can you avoid those three days, five or even fifteen days … Read More