Norway Secret Police to Consider Keylogging, “Pinpoint” Data Collection |

In a move picked straight out of an Edward Snowden scenario, and the NSA field manual, the Norwegion secret police (“PST”) is considering the development and deployment of methods to “intercept data at such an early stage that it has … Read More

Norwegian Police Sees Only Shooting in 8 months (actually, longer)

Reports came in this morning that Norwegian police had been involved in a “shootout” with GTA suspects at a gas station in small town Roa, in eastern Norway. The regular Norwegian police has been armed on a full time basis … Read More

Religious Security: Extreme Mosque Edition…

Given the tensions in the world today, we probably shouldn’t be surprised, but still… Religious buildings and places used to be welcoming places, often open all night or as close to it as local ordinances and capacity would allow. Now, … Read More

Lone Wolf Trial in Norway: Horror Shows & Prison Pens

The trial of bomber and mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik has been rolling throughout the week, with online newspapers reporting the word-for-word questioning of the man, gruesome details included. Breivik has been retelling the story of what he did on … Read More

Lone Wolf Trial Commences in Norway

The trial of “lone wolf” gunman, bomber and mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik started today in Oslo, Norway. Breivik killed 77 people last summer, using first a car bomb placed in the government quarter, and then firearms at a youth … Read More

War, uh…. etc. Guns and Bombs, Ladies and Gentlemen

A little bit of news this sunny morning; – Norway’s forces in Afghanistan are lacking essentials in IED detection and removal. An investigation into the state of equipment is afoot after several Norwegian soldiers were killed by a bomb. The … Read More

A short note…

Islamic fundamentalists have attacked civilian, native Norwegian citizens out in the open, in the capital of Norway, Oslo and declared parts of the city as islamic territory. Central islamic figures in the country are divided in the view of the … Read More

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