Where is Vlad the Dragon, the Impaler Lord?

In light of the horrific and brutal attack on the french newspaper Charlie Hebdo and its journalists, along with two police officers, it’s a harsh, but fair question. Islamic extremists, reprehensible, despiccable and worthless representatives of a seemingly ever growing … Read More

Religious Security: Extreme Mosque Edition…

Given the tensions in the world today, we probably shouldn’t be surprised, but still… Religious buildings and places used to be welcoming places, often open all night or as close to it as local ordinances and capacity would allow. Now, … Read More

Airplane Captain Breaks Down, Media Shifts Focus

Several newspapers and news stations have reported that JetBlue captain Clayton Osbon has been brought to hospital after having amental breakdown of some sort while on the job. Reportedly, Osbon was locked out of the cocpit by the first officer … Read More

Al Qaeda headed for defeat, says STRATFOR analyst

Extremely interesting essay here on the signal effect of the terrorist organization’s latest video release. The video, which was well-produced and contained a number of graphics and special effects, features historical footage of a number of militant Islamist personalities, including … Read More

Resounding no to hijab-clad police! Minister sees the light.

The minister for Justice in Norway decided it was a good idea to allow female muslim police officers in Norway to use the traditional religious head wear “hijab”on the job. This decision went against all former norms of not displaying … Read More