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Video has become one of the best ways to document daily life, and the size, shape and capacity of new cameras is nothing short of amazing. While most of us now carry cameras around, integrated in our cell phones, the … Read More going out of business? |

For those not in the know, PINAC is a loose organization, focused on spotlighting that photography isn’t a crime, and harassment from law enforcement and security should not happen based on someone carrying, or using, a camera. Here at SB, … Read More

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Dash-Cams, Crash-Cams and Cop-Cams – and why you should, too

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Hunted and Hated: The NYPD vs. NYC citizens (Video)

Recently, we were accused of being “liberal”, by one of our subscribers who then promptly left our mailing list in a bit of a huff. He was fiercely outraged about it, apparently. While it’s the absolute first time we’ve ever … Read More