Fearful Police Officers Are Out To Kill You

… or anyone else, for that matter. Some of our most recent posts and pages have highlighted a growing issue with police officers – mostly in the US, but other countries are seeing some of the same problems, on a … Read More

Police Gun Down 180 Unarmed People – Face No Charges | SnallaBolaget.com

During 2015, which is far from over, sadly, Norwegian police has shot and killed 1 person, who in turn had shot and grievously wounded a police officer first. This is the first person killed by police since 2006. During 2015, … Read More

Why Your Couch won’t Kill You, but a Terrorist Might

Statistics are fun, aren’t they? Sure they are… lots and lots of numbers’n’stuff, all crammed together and beaten into an unrecognizable pulp, then molded into just about anything you damn well want? What could be more rewarding and enlightening than … Read More