Police Gun Down 180 Unarmed People – Face No Charges | SnallaBolaget.com

During 2015, which is far from over, sadly, Norwegian police has shot and killed 1 person, who in turn had shot and grievously wounded a police officer first. This is the first person killed by police since 2006. During 2015, … Read More

The TSA is Scared of Silly Things (12 photos)

The TSA is scared of a lot of things. You knew that. We thought we’d show you a few of the silly things that scared them of late. Why? Because we all need a laugh now and then, and who … Read More

Being Followed? Here’s How You Know!

This is interesting. Gizmodo has a write-up on how to know for sure if someone is following you or not. Have you ever had that feeling… you know, not the one you can only say in French, but that feeling … Read More

Up Your Security 5 – Security Smart, or Just Paranoid?

The foremost goal of living things is to survive. Well, as long as they’re sentient enough to have that thought in a brain of come kind. This goes for humans as well, of course. The vast majority of us will … Read More

PWaT #3

Pepperspray (pepper) and Mace. Pepper and mace are the two strongest forms of non-lethal weapons private citizens can carry. Anything more potent, and the risk of injury to others, possibly fatal injury or harm, is severely elevated. To make it … Read More