Happy New Year, from everyone at SnallaBolaget | SnallaBolaget.com

It’s the first day of a new year, and we hope that people all around the world see that as a fresh beginning and a chance to make the world a better place. That may seem like a tired cliché, … Read More

Home Security Mistakes That Attract Intruders

The key to deterring intruders is to make life difficult for them. If they think your home is too tough to break into, the chances are they won’t attempt it. Nevertheless, here’s a guideline from Eden Harper, a Brixton estate … Read More

A Look at the Effectiveness of CCTV in Crime Prevention

The propagation of closed-circuit televisions or CCTVs in both commercial and residential spaces has forever changed the field of security system. Through security alarm systems and surveillance camera systems, one can put round the clock surveillance on a specific area, … Read More

The Best Non-Electronic Home Security Tricks

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The fortress of the home is never more protected than when you are employing both high and lo-tech techniques to secure its walls and doors, its places and spaces, in every way. In order to utilize tools to stand guard … Read More

Spy Buzz: What to Expect From Ordinary Citizens?

It seems like spying will never go out of fashion with government agencies, and instead of the Cold War we now have Phone war, as we saw in the recent Obama-Merkel spying scandal. With whistleblowers like Julian Assange and Edward … Read More

10 New Security Gadgets Your Car Craves

To protect your car from thieves and other unwanted troubles that can end up jeopardizing your sleep, its best to protect the vehicle in accordance to the need and budget of its owner. For this, there are several good car … Read More

Decoding and Decloaking the TSA – layer by layer

The TSA is known for its veiled ways – they’re a secretive bunch, in other words. Whenever there are questions about their methods, and their “layered” approach to security, they’re quick with the “national security” card, and anyone poking into … Read More

Photography & Police – What You Can Do (and what you can’t…)

It seems there’s a never ending stream of pictures, stories and videos appearing both in printed, “mainstream” and online media about the problems photographers get into when dealing with the police and security. We thought we’d take a closer look … Read More

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