Police Proofing Your Car and Why You Need To | SnallaBolaget.com

Police in the US are hard at work, every day, it seems, to kill as many people as they can get away with – this isn’t some kind of liberal propaganda, it’s simply sad facts of this hard life. One … Read More

Video: German Guy Getting Shot (while wearing body armor)

The title pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? According to themselves, PPSS Group makes the world’s best body armor. It’s nice and sleek, has a lot of fancy-name features that are supposed to absorb blunt trauma (that’s you being … Read More

Bulletproof? Forget It. Next In Line: Nuclear Strike-Proof

Wikileaks has made sure its servers are bulletproof. Strike that. They’re now nuclear strike proof, literally. Wikileaks boss Assange is apparently not taking any chances with the wealth of documents that the site is sitting on. Their servers have been … Read More