Burglary: All It Takes Is 13 Seconds

Before you finish reading this paragraph, someone’s home is being broken into and a family is dancing with danger.  That’s how long it takes to take someone’s peace of mind and how long it takes to change someone’s life forever … Read More

10 New Security Gadgets Your Car Craves

To protect your car from thieves and other unwanted troubles that can end up jeopardizing your sleep, its best to protect the vehicle in accordance to the need and budget of its owner. For this, there are several good car … Read More

Guest Post: How to Keep Your Family Safe from Fire

There are many types of fires, but we’ll stay on the “accidental” types this time – after all, those are the most common ones, and unless you’ve accumulated some pretty disturbed enemies, you probably needn’t worry too much about floodlights … Read More

Guest Post: 5 Tips for Upping Your Home Security

We’ve all heard the saying that we’re only as strong as our weakest link. This doesn’t only apply to people; it also applies to security systems. In other words, if you set up a system that is overly complicated, then … Read More

“When the Sirens were Silent” – rehashing old fairy tales?

Mike Smith has a new book out – “When the Sirens were Silent” – where he talks about the tornado disaster in Joplin, where 161 people were killed, because, Mike seems to say, they didn’t heed the warning sirens that … Read More

A Few Good Reasons to Keep Security Happy

Security people worry. It’s generally what we do, and what we’re paid to do, as well. We worry about a lot of things, from floods to fire and cameras not working, alarms that go off in the night without a … Read More

Security 101: Fire!

“Contingency planning” is a term widely used in security, and much of the job is exactly that – planning for disaster, and then trying to avoid it or prevent it from happening. If it does happen, however, there also needs … Read More

How to Implement Security Cameras for Home Security Use

Implementing security cameras as an integral part of your home security system is an excellent plan, one that will enhance safety and serve as a deterrent to crime. In general terms, home security systems are not fully complete without including a … Read More

Guest Post: Integrate your Alarm System into your Surveillance System

Integrating alarm systems with surveillance systems is vital if you are away from home. Keeping yourself updated with both systems is now possible.  When you are notified if something is happening in your house, you are more likely to fend … Read More

Top 5: Coolest Security Gadgets – 2012

Everybody like cool gadgets. That’s just the way it is. So, with that in mind, we’ve taken the liberty of collecting the top five cool security gadgets that we’ve spotted so far this year (okay, some are from last year…) … Read More

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