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Effective Physical Security, 4th Edition

Effective Physical Security, Fourth Edition is a best-practices compendium that details the essential elements to physical security protection. The book contains completely updated sections that have been carefully selected from the authors’ work that set the standard: Handbook of Loss Prevention and Crime Prevention, Fifth Edition.

Designed for easy reference, Effective Physical Security contains important coverage of environmental design, security surveys, locks, lighting, and CCTV as well as new chapters covering the latest in the ISO standards for Risk Assessment and Risk Management, physical security planning, network systems infrastructure, and environmental design. This new edition continues to serve as a valuable reference for experienced security practitioners as well as students in undergraduate and graduate security programs.

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Product Description

This one is a little more specific than our no.1. This is tailor made for anyone working with physical security, which basically means it’s tailor made for the absolute majority of people in the security business. We’ve all had our run-ins with various security setups, plans, assessments, risks and so on, and “Effective Physical Security” makes for the near perfect foundation to deal with all of that.

Security managers and risk assessors everywhere have their own ways of seeing things, and this book makes it possible for a replacement to wade through what the last one did, or for a brand new manager or operator or officer to understand the process and the requirements, and see straight through any bullshit that might have clogged the system. From a basic understanding of physical security through to the advanced lessons that we all need from time to time – “Effective Physical Security” has everything a new, or seasoned security professional needs to know about the physical aspects and the physical moves that can, should or must be made in a security plan.

  • Required reading for the ASIS Physical Security Professional Certification (PSP) and recommended reading for the CPP certification
  • Provides detailed coverage of Physical Security in an easily accessible reference format with content divided into three major parts: Design, Equipment, and Operations
  • Each chapter is written by a recognized expert security specialist
  • Print Length: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann; 4 edition (November 26, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B009PL8PAM


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