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Dog on Premises Security Sign


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Product Description

This sign has been created with collaboration from injury lawyers to provide everyone a nearly ‘perfect’ dog warning/notice sign.

    • Dog May Bite/Dangerous Dog. (OPTIONAL) – Some states require or suggest that the owner post notices on his/her property when the owner has knowledge of the dog’s vicious propensities (AZ, DE, etc).
    • Private Property: Violators Will Be Prosecuted – The main goal here is to make people who have no business on the property turn away.
    • Placement/Size/Color – 12 x18 and see below for Nebraska requirement on color, so made the sign the same for all states.
      • SIGNS MUST BE PLACED at every entry point someone could come in contact with your dog.
      • Visible and legible from the roadway or 100ft whichever is less (Delaware requirement).
    • Size – Minimum of 10 inch by 12 inches with high contrast lettering on black background (Nebraska Requirement).


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