PWaT #3

Pepperspray (pepper) and Mace. Pepper and mace are the two strongest forms of non-lethal weapons private citizens can carry. Anything more potent, and the risk of injury to others, possibly fatal injury or harm, is severely elevated. To make it … Read More

PWaT #2

Sound. In addition to light, making specific, loud noise is your best defense when faced with an attack or some sort of hostile action. The human ear is designed to be pretty sensitive, and while noise will bother us, anything … Read More

Personal Weapons and Tactics – #1

Weapons for personal use is often a sore and uncomfortable subject. The public in general don’t like the thought of people around them carrying weapons of any kind, and with good reason. The only person you should really trust is … Read More

Emergency Supply Kits and you

The government is a good thing. Many will doubt that statement, and in many cases, that doubt is well founded, but when it comes to thinking up emergency supply kits, their thinking is close to flawless. On , you’ll … Read More

Diplomatic Security Service public tips

The US Department of State is a massive machinery of diplomacy, foreign policy and – perhaps less known – law enforcement. The Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) or Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) is the law enforcement arm of the DoS, … Read More

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