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Snalla Bolaget (The Nice Company) aims to please. We mean that.

SnallaBolaget.com is all about, you, your family, your values and your safety and security.
Safety in your own home, in your car, in public, in private, outside and inside. Security gear, security measures and methods, security tips and tricks of every kind will be our focus, in order to inform and provide a better understanding of the mechanics behind professional and private security in everyday life.

Security mechanics are elusive, and we want you to understand as much of them as possible, find answers and be able to aske questions. If you want to know the how, what or where (or all three) of security, you’ve come to the right place.

The other main parts of this site will inform you, the reader, of what you can do in your own home, or in your own workplace, or on your daily commute to stay safer, and ensure that you and the ones you love do not come to harm, either by accident or planned actions.

SnallaBolaget is now made up of a team of 5 writers from various security sectors and countries, who will post here when it grabs their fancy or they stumble onto something important.

Stay safe, stay alert and stay informed.

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  • We read all comments. All of them.
  • We will reply, and answer all security questions. If we don’t know the answer, we will find it.
  • If you’ve got a site, we will most likely click through and take a peek. Or two.
  • Be warned, we might invite you to guest post! ;)

Guest Posting

We welcome guest posters!

If you want to submit a guest post, please don’t hesitate! Contact us on the email below – there’s only a few rules:

- Topic. Guest posts must be on topic for the site. Security is a broad, broad field, however, and there’s almost nothing within that scope which we’ll frown at. We don’t normally deal with IT security, but if it’s on topic, then why not? Send us your post, and we’ll most likely publish it if it’s about security in one form or another.

- Style & Form. We don’t like (too) foul language. Also, please spellcheck. Other than that, your style is your choice. Please keep posts between 450 and 950 words!

- Images. We have a wide selection of stock images, as well as images we own, and will furnish articles with those unless you send us images you specifically want to include (no guarantees that we’ll use the images, however – we usually will, though).

- Include your bio/byline! It’s strange how so many forget that…

Feel free to contact us on our email address: contact@snallabolaget.com


The small print:

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