Home Fortress! Let Your Home Finally Be Your Castle!

If you take a quick look at our About-page, you’ll know that we want security to be for everyone. That’s sort of our mission, really; tell you all you need to know about security, so that you can understand what’s … Read More

US: More Security Officers than Police Officers Killed on Duty

It’s easy to forget, at times, but security officers also die on duty – not just law enforcement and police. It hasn’t really been possible to look those stats up anywhere, until now. The ODMP.org says 126 police officers died … Read More

DHS: 19 Suspicious Behaviors of Hotel Guests that May Be Terrorists…

…and why they’re likely nothing even close to that. In 2010, the DHS released a “For Official Use Only” document that includes a list of 19 “behavioral” traits that might indicate you’ve got a terrorist staying in your hotel. We … Read More

Hunted and Hated: The NYPD vs. NYC citizens (Video)

Recently, we were accused of being “liberal”, by one of our subscribers who then promptly left our mailing list in a bit of a huff. He was fiercely outraged about it, apparently. While it’s the absolute first time we’ve ever … Read More

TGIF. You could use some news.

Right. You may have noticed that the site’s been a little quiet recently. Thats due to the unexpected absence of most of our writers – it’s the kind of thing that happens. However, we’re stocked up on new adventures and … Read More

Join 15,000 Others – Force the TSA to Follow the Law

This petition at WhiteHouse.gov is important. A quick look at the text of the petition outlines the issue:  In July 2011, a federal appeals court ruled that the Transportation Security Administration had to conduct a notice-and-comment rulemaking on its policy of … Read More

Schneier on TSA vs. Private Security: Flaws, Faults & Assumptions

Rand Paul has introduced legislation that is aiming at tightening the reins on the TSA, the US federal agency tasked with transportation security in the country. The TSA has, in the years after “9/11”, gained notoriety for their security theories, … Read More

Guard Murders Colleagues for $330,000

Minutes after midnight Friday morning, a team of private security guards pulled up to a dark service road along the north edge of the University of Alberta campus, carrying cash to restock bank machines. It was otherwise a routine stop … Read More

“Security & Human Behavior 2012”: just click “Ignore”…

So, Bruce Schneier, the self-proclaimed security guru, is organizing another “Security and Human Behavior” thingy again this year, and we’ve written about this rather peculiar initiative before. Back then, we were rather hard on the whole thing, even throwing in … Read More

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