Armed “School Protection Officers” – Pitfalls and Kneejerks

School shootings will hardly disappear from the agenda any time soon, and that’s a good thing. The phenomenon is especially prevalent in the US, where the history of armed attacks on and in schools stretches back to 1764, when 4 … Read More

Knives on a Plane – is the DHS catching up?

The latest news from the DHS and TSA is that they’re “relaxing” their restrictions on certain items, namely such things as small blades. Surprisingly, the TSA has taken some flak about this, and Pistole, amongst others, have been seen defending … Read More

Oscar Pistorius shoots, kills girlfriend – supporters call to rally around him

So. “Blade runner” has managed to run into some trouble, since he managed to actually murder his own girlfriend with a 9mm handgun he kept in his apartment. According to the BBC (and others), the athlete may have thought that … Read More

115 Police Officers, 140 police issue bullets, 60 police vehicles, 13 officers firing weapons, 2 UNARMED DEAD.

Sounds like a joke, doesn’t it? Except that very last part, it certainly was. From A November car chase ended in a “full blown-out” firefight, with glass and bullets flying, according to Cleveland police officers who described for investigators … Read More

Stealth Wear – “Anti-Drone Clothing”

You know… for hiding from those pesky drones. They do tend to show up at the most unexpected and inopportune times. At least that’s our experience with them, but that could be just us, of course. To be fair, there … Read More

“See Something, Say Something” – Fail upon expensive Fail

…and you’re paying for it. That’s right. On January 17th, F-15 fighter jets were scrambled to escort an Alaska Airlines flight to Sea-Tac Airport, because – get this – someone called and said there was a possible hijacker on board. Apparently, that’s … Read More

TSA Removes X-Ray Body Scanners – blames manufacturers

So. The well-loved TSA has decided to remove its backscatter x-ray body scanners, citing concerns that the manufacturer(s) haven’t been able to come up with viewing software that makes the person being scanned into a generic little stick figure with … Read More

Home Fortress! Let Your Home Finally Be Your Castle!

If you take a quick look at our About-page, you’ll know that we want security to be for everyone. That’s sort of our mission, really; tell you all you need to know about security, so that you can understand what’s … Read More

US: More Security Officers than Police Officers Killed on Duty

It’s easy to forget, at times, but security officers also die on duty – not just law enforcement and police. It hasn’t really been possible to look those stats up anywhere, until now. The says 126 police officers died … Read More

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