Where is Vlad the Dragon, the Impaler Lord?

In light of the horrific and brutal attack on the french newspaper Charlie Hebdo and its journalists, along with two police officers, it’s a harsh, but fair question. Islamic extremists, reprehensible, despiccable and worthless representatives of a seemingly ever growing … Read More

A Dangerous Man

I have something to admit. It may be shocking to some, it may outrage others, and it is something we’re often told to keep our mouths shut about. But the time has come for me to admit it even so. … Read More

A Look at the Effectiveness of CCTV in Crime Prevention

The propagation of closed-circuit televisions or CCTVs in both commercial and residential spaces has forever changed the field of security system. Through security alarm systems and surveillance camera systems, one can put round the clock surveillance on a specific area, … Read More

Toronto: Police Hesitant to Respond to Burglar Alarms

From TheStar.com: Police argue false burglary alarm response ties up frontline officers, potentially taking them away from real emergencies and wastes valuable resources. This is an age old discussion between private security and LE: who should respond first to private … Read More

April 21: Boston Marathon Security Boost

Since the bombings of last year’s Boston Marathon, the city has been planning to ramp up security. Planning has been going on all through this winter, and will be up and running (ha-ha) in this year’s event. With just about … Read More

Update Coming!

…for a bigger and better SB! We’re in the process of building a new and better design for this site, and there’s a few reasons for that. – The framework we’re on is outdated, and it’s slow. – We want … Read More

Toothpaste Terror – Hype and Hyperbole?

The Olympic Games in Russia has taken up a lot of the world’s attention these last few weeks, and rightly so. If there was ever a perfect terror target where innocent people, high profile dignitaries and media come together in … Read More

Ukraine / Syria: Mercenaries abound?

Whether it’s civil unrest, rioting, revolutions, wars and uprisings. Wherever there’s trouble, there’s usually a market for mercenaries. For those looking to find opportunities, there would be worse ideas around than looking to both Syria and Ukraine for the moment. … Read More

How To Get Your Kid Raped and Yourself Thrown in Jail – Easily

Catchy title, huh? Well… We don’t really think it’s a good idea to explain how to do that to anyone – not because we think that withholding information is the way to go, we just don’t think that it’s a … Read More

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