Alone: If you only watch 1 TV show this year |

If you’re not one for benching yourself in front of the TV or binging on Netflix, there’s still one show you should definitely set aside a chunk of time for. The History Channel, which isn’t really dealing much in history … Read More

The Biggest, Baddest Security QuadCopters

… and multicopters, incidentally. Using quads and multirotors for security work is fairly new, but seeing that even the commercial hobby versions of these things are becoming more and more advanced, the barrier to use them in even low budget … Read More

Update Coming!

…for a bigger and better SB! We’re in the process of building a new and better design for this site, and there’s a few reasons for that. – The framework we’re on is outdated, and it’s slow. – We want … Read More

A Faraday Caged Bed – How and Why on Earth?

This guest post comes from Bonnie and John, who’ve made practical use of the Faraday Cage for their own health’s sake. While we’ve focused mostly on the security applications, this is a very good use of them also, and an … Read More

How To Survive Undetected in the Woods for 27 Years

To be fair, we don’t really know how it’s done, and it’s really not supposed to be possible. Still, one man did it. Christopher Knight spent 27 years in the woods in Maine, living undetected off things he stole from … Read More

Stealth Wear – “Anti-Drone Clothing”

You know… for hiding from those pesky drones. They do tend to show up at the most unexpected and inopportune times. At least that’s our experience with them, but that could be just us, of course. To be fair, there … Read More

Home Fortress! Let Your Home Finally Be Your Castle!

If you take a quick look at our About-page, you’ll know that we want security to be for everyone. That’s sort of our mission, really; tell you all you need to know about security, so that you can understand what’s … Read More

All You Need to Know about the Security Benefits of 2-Way Radios

This guest post is contributed by Charlie Curtis-Jones, from, who offer easy-to-use radio solutions for your safety requirements. There’s an old saying ‘You can never be too safe’. OK, so maybe it’s not a great saying but it does the … Read More

Arm Your Army: How to (illegally) buy guns, and…

…why it’s probably a very, very bad idea. So you’ve got your 50 or so guys together, and you’re all going down to some third world country, overthrow the government and take over their diamond mines or whatnot they’ve got … Read More

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