Monday Cool: Awesome Security System!

Okay… so it’s more of a “deterrent” type of deal – 200 bucks gets you an awesome laser show, which is either going to scare away the burglars, or inspire that inner “Mission Impossible” spirit we assume most people carry around … Read More

Join 15,000 Others – Force the TSA to Follow the Law

This petition at is important. A quick look at the text of the petition outlines the issue:  In July 2011, a federal appeals court ruled that the Transportation Security Administration had to conduct a notice-and-comment rulemaking on its policy of … Read More

5 Ways Burglars Will Single You Out – and what to do about it

Contrary to what we’ve written before, not all burglars will randomly choose a house to break into. Some do things a lot more complicated than that, and we’re about to show you how. Vacation seasons and holidays are risky for … Read More

Blocking Cellphones in Your Home – How?

Blocking cellphones from working inside of a home is something we get asked about quite a bit, mostly because of our instructions on how to make your own Faraday cages. More and more people get concerned about the EM radiation … Read More

Why Your Couch won’t Kill You, but a Terrorist Might

Statistics are fun, aren’t they? Sure they are… lots and lots of numbers’n’stuff, all crammed together and beaten into an unrecognizable pulp, then molded into just about anything you damn well want? What could be more rewarding and enlightening than … Read More

Survive: 4 Reasons Not to Join a Gym

Staying in shape is actually pretty important when it comes to your own safety and security. No, we’re not talking about avoiding a heart attack, a stroke or high cholesterol/blood pressure/whatever else that gets high, but being fit, able to … Read More

“When the Sirens were Silent” – rehashing old fairy tales?

Mike Smith has a new book out – “When the Sirens were Silent” – where he talks about the tornado disaster in Joplin, where 161 people were killed, because, Mike seems to say, they didn’t heed the warning sirens that … Read More

Survive: Buying a Ready-Made Faraday Cage?

You know when people say that store bought isn’t as good as home made? That’s all well and good, but does that go for Faraday cages? Even though we’ve covered Faraday Cages a couple of times before, we still get … Read More

Security vs. Survivalism – What’s the Difference?

Any time someone accuses me of being just a little bit extreme in my security focus, I get a little bit offended. I don’t think I’m extreme, after all, and people who really are extreme(ists) never really did anything good … Read More

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