Explaining the Purpose of Guns to Kids

Post image by Geoffrey Fairchild, via Flickr Guns are present in over one-third of households in the United States, as reported in an article on Kids Health. These guns are visible in American households, either through direct or indirect ownership. … Read More

What Do you Get when you Hire a Professional Locksmith?

Most people do not appreciate a locksmith’s skills and expertise until they lose their keys or lock themselves out. It is advisable to use a professional locksmith to deal with any lock issues you may have. You need an individual … Read More

A Don’t Panic Guide To Survive Any Disaster

In an article by Nick Watt in abcnews.com, Ed Galea, a professor at the Universities of Greenwich, Liverpool and Ulster was quoted as saying it usually takes a maximum of eight minutes for an average person to react to a … Read More

Seven Low Cost Ways To Up The Security Of Your Home

When it comes to home security it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Do a bit of online research and you’ll find yourself wanting to install home security systems, cameras, triple glazed windows and steel reinforced doors. All of which may be … Read More

Toronto: Police Hesitant to Respond to Burglar Alarms

From TheStar.com: Police argue false burglary alarm response ties up frontline officers, potentially taking them away from real emergencies and wastes valuable resources. This is an age old discussion between private security and LE: who should respond first to private … Read More

5 Reasons Gun Safes are Worth Your Money

Aaron is a gun enthusiast but at the same time believes that gun owners should exercise extra precaution with their ownership. His love for collecting guns and hunting has led him to be a writer for Gun Mate and in … Read More

5 Excellent Ways to Keep Your Home Fire Free

There are many areas of worry in life and threats to safety in general, but in your own home you want to know that you are safe, secure and able to relax. There are plenty of ways to minimise risk … Read More

Choosing a Home Security System Provider

While the market might be dominated by a few major home security system providers, there are still thousands of smaller ones out there to choose from. Determining which one will serve you and your home security plan the best isn’t always … Read More

How to Pick Your New Security Cameras

Cameras and technology are parts of the front line of most security operations, from the smallest home security setups to the largest installations in existance. There’s a reason for that – security cameras don’t need smoke breaks, they don’t eat anything … Read More

Screening Home Security Companies

Choosing between home security companies can be a whole process in itself, but that doesn’t mean it’s a loosing battle. One of the most important things to remember is that the home security companies work for you – they take … Read More

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