Tasers – Electricity Can Kill You…who knew?

“According to a new study” is such a boring opening line, so we’re not going to say that. Instead, we say this: Weirdo scientists claim getting electrocuted can KILL YOU! The world’s in shock. Pun intended. Apparently, someone has been … Read More

Abusive Tram Security Sparks Debate in Sweden (video) (updated)

This is starting to get a couple of days old, but we’ll mention it anyway, as an example of exactly how private security should not behave. Well, that is, if you want to set a bad example, give every hard working, security … Read More

How to Land a High-Paying Security Job

It’s true – most security jobs are not that great when you consider the paycheck. That, however, doesn’t meant that thre aren’t security jobs out there that can put some food on the table – and a little dessert as … Read More

“Security Theater”, Obscurity, Secrecy and other Confusions

We sometime get questions about a term that has been much used to describe airport security over the last eight years or so. “Security theater” (or theatre) is a term which has been in use within security circles for many … Read More