NYPD Releases Early 1900’s Evidence Photos

The NYC Department of Records has released a treasure trove of old NYPD evidence photos, and uploaded to their website, which is here. The images range from mildly interesting (such as the pictures of 1915 automobile engines and instruction booklets … Read More

Security 101 – Attention!

…deficit, that is. You may know this already, but people just don’t pay attention like they should. Annoying, isn’t it? Well, it probably goes for you as well, like it or not, and that’s what we’re going to talk about … Read More

Mood Sensing Robot Prison Guards!

…your very own flying cars should be right around the corner, ladies and gentlemen. When Koreans set about doing something weird, they don’t kidd around. In November, South Korea announced that they were going to see if they could make … Read More

Security 101: Fire!

“Contingency planning” is a term widely used in security, and much of the job is exactly that – planning for disaster, and then trying to avoid it or prevent it from happening. If it does happen, however, there also needs … Read More

Security 101: Access Control – at home?

In the earlier installments of Security 101, we’ve talked about fences and bollards, and barriers in general, which is what you might call “perimeter protection”. We’re pretty much done with that for now, so we’ll step a little closer to … Read More

Security 101: Barriers in Security

Earlier in this series, we’ve written more specifically about fences and bollards, being the most common forms of physical barriers. Today, we’ll take a shorter and more general approach, and leave the subject of barriers alone for a while. Although … Read More

Security 101: Fence yourself in!

All right, so fencing yourself in might not be such a hot idea. At the very least, you should put a gate in, just in case you want to get out some time. In any case, choosing the right fence … Read More

Phone, Makeup, Coffee and Cigarettes – A-OK in Sweden

Driving while talking on the phone has been banned if you do it without a handsfree set in all European countries for some time now – that is, all except one. Sweden will still let you do it, and they … Read More

Not Listening To Your Radio Might Get You Shot!

Down, that is. If you’re a pilot – a dumbass pilot. This July saw two Swedish JAS 39 being scrambled against a Norwegian civilian airliner on its way to Arlanda airport near Stockholm, Sweden’s capital. On a flight from Spain … Read More

Product Review; 5.11 Tactical Sleet 8″ Boots

Everyone knows (or should know) that boots can save lives. Good boots can be the difference between catching all sorts of nasty diseases and staying healthy both on and off the battle field, or on or off duty. Dry boots … Read More