Security vs. Survivalism – What’s the Difference?

Any time someone accuses me of being just a little bit extreme in my security focus, I get a little bit offended. I don’t think I’m extreme, after all, and people who really are extreme(ists) never really did anything good … Read More

Survive: The 5 Best, Expert Tips for Bug-Out-Bags

So, what’s a BOB, then? A bug-out-bag is a favored subject amongst “survivalists“, and is simply a kit containing the equipment you think you’ll need if you have to “bug out” or get away f something catastrophic happens to make … Read More

How To Build a Bunker…again

We’ve made it our business to talk about building your own underground bunker on a couple of occasions before, and we’re going to do it again, because I, for one, am more than a little fascinated by the idea. Now, … Read More

A Few Good Reasons to Keep Security Happy

Security people worry. It’s generally what we do, and what we’re paid to do, as well. We worry about a lot of things, from floods to fire and cameras not working, alarms that go off in the night without a … Read More

Gay Bars in Denmark: Discrimination Central

Strictly speaking, this has little to do with security, but it’s just so odd that we have to allow some astonished commentary. After all, it’s Sunday, and Sundays are a little more laid-back than other days. Except in Denmark, where … Read More

Why Private Security is Bigger, Faster and Better…in Every Way!

Both the Houston Chronicle and the Huffington Post have picked up on the TSA’s budget trouble – well, the budget cuts that is. The problem? Not even the government likes the TSA any longer. After being told that they treat people … Read More

“Mystery Players” “Expert” Article Shows Nothing, Obviousness

Spending time reading sources on the internet is something that we do a lot. Even though experience, years of training and more training in between jobs, pr on the job training produces a thick layer of basics on which to … Read More

Revealing Security Flaws, or Keeping A Lid On Them?

Deciding whether or not to reveal a security flaw, a loophole or a glitch is not easy. One point is where to begin if you’re really doing to spill your guts about them, simply because someone who works in security … Read More

National Security Inc. – Washington Post Special

This article / “project” by the Washington Post is well worth a read. A small excerpt: The Post investigation uncovered what amounts to an alternative geography of the United States, a Top Secret America created since 9/11 that is hidden … Read More

Google Streetview and the Persisting Problem of Ignorance

Whenever something gets popular enough, or widespread enough, someone, somewhere will see it as a threat. Google streetview has gone through its share of troubles, merely because it exist, and it is sure to meet with a lot more obstacles … Read More

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