6 Signs That It’s Time To Upgrade Your Home Security

Home Security is like an additional child for most homeowners. It doesn’t need to be fed or taken to school, but it still demands your full attention from time to time in order to make sure that it is being properly maintained and functioning to the fullest of its potential. The constant sense of security that most homeowners feel in their homes is a part of the reason why homes are still a vestige of peace, community and family. As home security experts, we are wired to make sure that it stays that way. So, to help you do that, we wanted to point out some of the signs that homeowners need to pay attention to so that they know when it’s time to upgrade their home security.

1. You Have Not Changed Your Security Measures In 6 Years

The first telltale sign that it is time for homeowners to upgrade their home security is time. Many homeowners view home security as a one-time project. They invest time and money in keeping their home secure, however, most of them believe that by doing that once their home is now the most secure building on earth. It may be that way for some time, but not forever. Thanks to the rapid growth and the leaps that technology takes every few years, there are always new ways for homes to be protected and for burglars to break in. It’s a constant battle between the home security industry and the burglars we strive to keep you safe from.

It is important that homeowners do not fall victim to the false sense of security that burglars are eagerly waiting to pounce on. The first step in protecting your home is constant vigilance and it is, at most times, the best defense against burglars, thieves and intruders. It is advised that homeowners re-evaluate their home security and home security protocols, at least, every 5-6 years. This is important because of how rapidly technology and other security measures can become obsolete. Homeowners should work to identify any flaws in their security and look to see what needs to be upgraded and enhanced so that they can continue to benefit from the home security that gives them such peace of mind.

It is also important that homeowners do not neglect some of the most important facets of their home’s security. A lot of homeowners put their faith solely in having a good security system and leave it at that. When it comes to having good home security, owners need to realize that no single component can keep you completely safe. The best way to accomplish a true sense of safety is by having multiple layers of safety working in tandem with one another. When homeowners are doing their timely diagnoses of their home security, they should pay attention to the state of their doors, the state of the home’s exterior as well as windows and other entry points. If these are all upgraded, in addition to upgrading your security system, then your home will most definitely be more secure than it has ever been.

2. Your Neighborhood Is Not As Safe As It Once Was

This second sign focuses on homeowners paying attention to the signs outside of their homes. One of the many wonders of life is the fact that nothing stays the same forever. It might stay one way for a long time, but eventually, it will give way to something else. This is the same for the state of home security. As was discussed above, it is always a good idea for homeowners to upgrade their security after 6 years, but sometimes instead of using time as a marker, there are other external factors that you can pay attention to.

If your neighborhood has been victim to a recent string of break-ins or other criminal activities, it might be time to invest in upgrading your home security. The home is a symbolic representation for where people live so the same concept will apply to apartments, sublets etc. It is imperative that homeowners keep a close lookout for what is going on outside of their homes, so that they can better prepare themselves for any event that might arise. If the number of break-ins in your neighborhood rises, and you know you are not adequately prepared for it, then it is time for an upgrade. If your home does not have a home security system, you might want to invest in one that will keep you alert at all times. In addition, you want to ensure that your doors, windows and other entry points are secure at all times. If you have a top-notch security system and the entry points to your home are not secure then burglars can still find their way into your home. It is important to make sure that no stone is left unturned.

3. You’re Never At Home

An empty home is one of the most attractive things to a burglar. To them, it signifies that an easy job is imminent and they can’t wait to get it over with. If burglars and criminals aim to inconvenience us, why should we make their job any easier for them. A majority of home break-ins occur when there is no one present at home and as such you want to make sure that your home is always kept secure in your absence. As was stated earlier, time is constantly changing and as such your schedule might change, or your family might grow. You might start to work more and more hours leaving your home empty for hours on end, or your children might be in school keeping busy with classes and extracurricular activities. Whatever the case may be, if your new lifestyle has you absent from your home most of the time, you should look into upgrading your home security.

Even though home security is couched in keeping your home secure, it follows you around wherever you go. If you are not confident that your home is being kept secure in your absence, the weird sense of dread that accompanies that insecurity will follow you around day in and day out. We want to make sure that you avoid that, so it is essential that you work on upgrading your home security so it is robust when you are home and when you are not. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in a home security system that has surveillance capabilities.

4. You Were A Recent Victim Of An Unsuccessful Break-In

Break-ins are never a fun thing to go through, whether they actually happen and something gets stolen, or if you merely find signs that someone tried to break in and was unsuccessful. We understand just how nerve wracking these experiences can be. It is part of our job to make sure that homeowners never go through this. Some homeowners are quick to pick up on the glaring signs that they need to update their home security while others become more firmly rooted in their ways. When it comes to the latter, they believe that if their home security was able to stand against an onslaught from burglars, then it is in perfect shape. Essentially they are operating under the notion of “If it ain’t broken don’t fix it.” This might hold true for other facets of life, but not for home security. When your home has been broken into, or nearly broken into, it is the perfect time for you to reassess your home security and upgrade it. This is because you now have a chance to identify the inherent flaws in your security protocols and work to make them better. Do not lull yourself into a false sense of security. As we said earlier, that is one of the worst things any homeowner can do, because burglars are counting on your complacency to make their move, so you want to make sure that you never give them this chance.

It is imperative that you reassess your security measures and protocols to see what works and what doesn’t.  That way you have a guideline to follow when you begin to make improvements. There is nothing that teaches a homeowner to be better prepared than going through the break-in experience themselves, just make sure that you utilize that experience rather than become complacent because of it.

5. Your Home Is Showing Signs Of Wear And Tear

It is important that homeowners do not confine their understanding of home security to the use of just a home security system. This is a dangerous thing for any homeowner to do because they limit their home security and make it easier to circumvent. This gives burglars the liberty of focusing their energies on bypassing one deterrent instead of multiple deterrents. Your home itself should be a living home security device. The doors and windows of your home should be well equipped to withstand the wiles of burglars. This statement also holds true for other aspects of your home’s security. If any of its other important aspects is showing signs of wear and tear or if they look like they compromise your safety rather than securing it, then you know it’s time for an upgrade. You want to make sure that your doors are not molding or warping, and that the locks that keep these secure are not rusting or damaged. Making sure that everything around your home is working the way it is supposed to is one of the best ways to know whether you need to make any upgrades or not.

6. You Have More Things To Protect


As we have touched on many times in this article, things change from time to time and everyone knows that. As a homeowner, you have to be ready to change when they do so that you are staying abreast with everything that’s going on around you. If you become more affluent, and are able to afford more things that are more expensive and attractive to burglars, you can be sure that someone, somewhere has taken notice. It doesn’t even have to be an instance of you as a homeowner acquiring something that has high monetary value, it can be something as sentimental as the arrival of a newborn baby that gives you the opportunity to reassess the security and safety of your home. In effect, you have more things that you want to protect, and this is a perfect motivation to spearhead your home security upgrades. You want to ensure that the things under your roof are being kept safe and sound and there is no better way to do this than with a security upgrade.

How Can You Upgrade Your Home Security?

Understanding that your home security might be in need of some upgrades is the first step, but the steps that follow are also equally important. Here are quick guidelines of some of the consecutive steps you can take to make sure you are properly upgrading your home security.

  • If you do not currently have a home security system installed, look into the possibility of getting one. There are several options on the market that work for varying budgets. You can work on getting a DIY model or subscribing to a security service that handles all of those for you.
  • Improve the security of your doors by making sure that your exterior doors are made of a solid core, and that the locks on said doors are extremely hard to pick as well as snap and drill resistant. You can use additional security pins in your locks, or you can add additional deadbolts to the door you have – these are just a few examples.
  • Make sure that the glass to your windows or sliding glass doors is kept secure. This can be done by upgrading the locks on the windows and the door as well as using glass safety films that make it hard for burglars and intruders to smash your glass windows or doors and gain easy access to your home.
  • It is important that you pay close attention to the exterior of your home, you do not want to make it easy for burglars to hide where you can’t see them. It is best to ensure that there is no hedge or shrubbery growing to high that makes it hard for you to see anyone who is approaching your property, in addition to this, it is a good idea to invest in some motion sensors lights that you can install around your home’s exterior. These lights kill two birds with one stone. They alert you when someone is drawing near to your house and they also illuminate your exterior so you have a clear field of vision to see what/who is approaching.
  • When upgrading your home security it will also be a good idea to work on putting together a home safety plan that allows you and your family to be prepared for any emergency situations that might arise in your home.

We hope these signs and tips help you re-evaluate your home security and we hope that they help keep you and your family safe. Your security is our top priority, so stay safe!

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