Aaron is a gun enthusiast but at the same time believes that gun owners should exercise extra precaution with their ownership. His love for collecting guns and hunting has led him to be a writer for Gun Mate and in other hunting websites where he shares his expertise to the public as well as with other bloggers like me. In here, he discusses the importance of having a gun safe at home.

Several firearms kept inside the house is more than just a cool collection for its owner. It’s a way to ensure that one is kept safer by having something to defend one’s self and the family in cases of unexpected incidents like robbery. However, many gun owners fail to exercise extra precaution when it comes to the safekeeping of their collection. They reason out that gun safes are just too expensive and they are better off spending the money elsewhere. Consider these benefits and see if these are really just an added expense.

Benefits of Gun Safes

  1. Prevent kids from toying with guns.

Just because your kids are older does not mean that they will follow house rules as they ought to. Whether you like it or not, kids like to explore all the more when you tell them not to touch your things. Most of the time, they would mess with your stuff especially when you are not there keeping an eye on their activities. Kids and guns are just a combination that attracts trouble. Just like kids like to show off their toys to their friends, your guns could easily be toyed pretty much like that of a super action figure. Or worse, one of your kids could suddenly decide to power trip with the use of your gun. With a gun safe in the house, keeping kids away from guns should be a cinch.

  1. Protect one’s collection.

Do you have more than a set of pistols and rifles? Were these handed down to you by your father or grandfather? New or old, guns are not considered cheap. One could amount to hundreds of dollars. Make that a collection of 10 and you know that you are keeping an investment that is worth more than a thousand bucks. You can acquire a gun safe for less than their cost. What do you get in return? Just like mentioned earlier, a gun collection could be very expensive and these are considered a goldmine for thieves. As long as you keep the lock combination of the gun safe to yourself, you can rest easy that even when someone does decide to break into your home, your guns will be there sitting in the gun safe waiting for your arrival.

  1. Offers a place for other important valuables.

Gun safes are not just used for storing guns. These too can accommodate other assets that are considered just as valuable such as land titles, checkbooks, passports and jewelry. Just like your guns, these things should be kept in a safe place and gun safes usually have extra shelves for this purpose. Not only that. Gun safes are fireproof and almost indestructible, offering extra protection from fire accidentsand related incidents.

  1. You keep your police record clean.

Through ballistic fingerprinting, forensics has made it possible to trace the guns used that fired the bullets. Although this type of technology is not effectively used with rifle guns, there are still some other ways to detect if this was the gun used in question. If stolen gun was used in a robbery or other crimes, it’s not the name of the perpetrator that becomes marred. Since you are the owner, your name will most probably be the first one that comes up instead. If you do not want to be dubbed a suspect for a crime that you did not commit, how to keep a gun safe at home should be made an urgency. This can only be done with the use of a gun safe.

  1. Sleep tightly at night.

Peace is one the things that some gun owners give up when they know that they have a collection considered dangerous for kids. If you misplace your cabinet keys and you happen to have a gun stored in it, you fret the whole day with the thought that your precious prince or princess finds it first before you do. With gun safes having a dial or an electronic lock, you now don’t need the keys to open or close these. Unless your kids and the thieves are mind readers, they will never have a way to get their hands on your firearms.

Price Justified

Now, consider the costs- gun collection versus gun safe. It doesn’t look so expensive now doesn’t it? If this is still too pricey for you to think about, then just consider how much you are willing to spend in exchange for the life of your kid. The few hundred dollars you spend will never be comparable to the importance of gun safes.

Author: Aaron Mulligan

Aaron creates incredible content for Gun Mate, Hunting Magazines as well as being a regularly contributor for other hunting websites. His expertise has seen him camp alongside some of the greatest campers, trekkers and adventure seekers in the world – unfortunately he hasn’t cracked the Kokoda Trail. You can grab him on Google+ or via his current Twitter Profile: @Gun_Mate



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