There are many areas of worry in life and threats to safety in general, but in your own home you want to know that you are safe, secure and able to relax. There are plenty of ways to minimise risk in your home, and one way to do this is to make sure that the risk of fire in your home is low. There are steps you can take to keep your home fire free, and here are the top five excellent ways to keep your home fire free:

• Install smoke alarms. Many fires start in the kitchen and can be avoided easily if you are made aware when smoke is billowing and a fire is about to start. Classic examples of this is a chip pan overheating or a tea towel fall on a hot item such as a recently on toaster. Both of these events could lead to a fire, but the smoke is a warning sign that could enable you to prevent this fire before it starts.

• Install sprinklers. Fire sprinklers aren’t just for large buildings, you can also put them into domestic settings and smaller buildings. A fire sprinkler will not prevent any fire but it will prevent a small fire from escalating by putting it out before it spreads. are installed with all aspects of your property in mind, and can even just be installed in ‘high risk’ areas.

• Don’t leave any open flames unattended. This includes small items such as candles and incense as well as larger items such as hobs and open fires. All of these have fire hazard potential with something falling onto the flame, a spark or just overheating. By keeping an eye on all open flames and putting them out when you are not nearby, you reduce the risk of a fire dramatically.

• Make sure that your electrics are safe. Electrical fires are common and can be prevented. Always ensure that your electrics are checked by a qualified and verified electrician. Never carry out any electrical work yourself you aren’t 100% sure on. If you are worried about a loose wire, and wobbly plug or any other small item, don’t delay in getting it checked by a professional. Also only buy electrical products from reputable suppliers and turn them off when they are not in use, especially hot electricals such as hair straighteners and dryers, and electric heaters.

Follow basic common sense advice and get basic items it is obvious you should be using. This includes simple items such as a fire guard for open fires.

Preventing a fire in your home ensures your safety and those living there, but it also protects your possessions and ensures that your insurance is valid. Following simple, every day and common sense advice and getting the right equipment in your home can save you money long term as well as save lives.


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